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Falkenberg. Sweden. Chief Inspector Bergström discovers the naked and frozen corpse of a woman on the beach of Olofsbo.
London. Renowned profiler, the tenebrous Emily Roy investigates a series of murders of children whose savagely mutilated bodies are dumped in the woods of Hampstead, in the north part of the city. They have the same mutilations that the Swedish victim: torn trachea, enucleated eyes and a mysterious Y etched on their arm.
How strange, a serial killer who suddenly changes his type of prey and hunting place... Could it be a duo of sociopaths? The many questions raised by the two cases bring Emily Roy to Sweden, where she meets an old acquaintance, the tenacious Alexis Castells, a French writer specializing in serial killers.
These two women with contrasting personalities set off in pursuit of killers who are as perverted as they are uncontrollable. A hunt that leads them to the horrors of Buchenwald concentration camp, in 1944.
In the fashion of Nordic crime fiction, between past and present day, “Block 46” reminds us of a duty to remember the cruelty of the Nazi concentration camps, and demonstrates that such inhumanity, in all various forms, is still very much relevant.
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